Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Brain Extension

My laptop is my brain extension. Gigs of info (eBooks, AudioBooks, white papers etc.) all around the hard disk. And it's my portal to the whole web. But how to remember what's hot and what's not (anymore)...

My most heavy used tool for structuring info and ideas for the last two years was MindManager. For a great overview of MindManager X5 check out the blog entry by Trevor on The Student Tablet PC.

Although Trevor is very positive about MindManager there are some major problems with MindManager for me. In random order:

  • Large maps are difficult to read, freemind has a much nicer system for folding and unfolding

  • Multi-line nodes are hard to edit, sometimes the node even disappears

  • Smart Map parts look really ugly, not consistent with the rest of the map

  • Sharing maps is not easy, or people must install the big viewer

  • Printing big maps is awful

I like MindMaps for brainstorming and storing keywords with links but it's less suitable for lots of information and collobaration.

So I was looking for an alternative. I liked the Wiki concept but I missed the visual representation of the information (and relationships within the wiki). But then I stumbled upon the Wikka Wikki. It's a ni ce clean wiki with an integration with freemind. The next release should integrate even better.

Now I'm testing the Wikka Wiki and FreeMind and it looks very promising. Didn't use MindManager since I've installed this combo.

So in the near future after the new release I planning to post more about the use of Wikka Wiki and FreeMind....


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